PU Acrylic

Quantum Q-T235-03

Solventborne Clear 2K Top Coat
Good mechanical and chemical resistance, natural appearance, suitable for bleached wood, open and closed pores, lightfast
Main area of use
Almost all wooden furniture in the interior. Open- or closed-pore coatings. Usable as self seal lacquer
Type of binder
PU Acrylic
Spray application high/low pressure, Curtain Coater
Hardener / Pack size
HPU6301 (310.48), 2 l
20% (5:1)
Thinner / Pack size
TPU9302-M (910.17) / TPU9202-S (910.15), 5 l / 25 l
Colour shade
Gloss level
Approx. 03 GU @ 60°, dead matt
20 l

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