PU Alkyd

Solido S-S140H

Oplosmiddelhoudende kleurloze 2K aflak
Hoge vulkracht, speciaal voor horizontaal gebruik, gemiddelde mate van verkleuring
Belangrijkste toepassingsgebied
Binnenshuis, meubels, kasten
Type bindmiddel
PU Alkyd
Hoge/lagedruk-spuitapplicatie, kwast, roller, curtaincoater
Harder / Verpakking
HPU6202 (310.84), 2,5 l / 10 l
50% (2:1)
Verdunner / Verpakking
TPU9201-M (910.33) / TPU9303-S (910.73), 5 l / 25 l
5 l / 20 l
Safety data sheets are no longer made available on the website. If you are a direct customer, you will receive the safety data sheet automatically via e-mail with every delivery. If you are supplied by one of our dealers, please contact them with questions regarding safety data sheets. They have the latest version of the safety data sheets available to you.

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