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We are pleased to introduce our new website for interior products from AkzoNobel Wood Coatings. At www.akzonobel-woodcoatings.com, you can find all of the important information about our new trade product portfolio. During implementation, we took care to provide a clear, user-friendly and customer-
oriented online information platform that can also be used to full advantage on mobile devices.

One click straight to your destination
On the homepage, you can access all important features directly. Using the changing sliders, a single click will take you to topics of interest, such as sustainability for example. Above the flag at the top right, we provide all of the content and product details in nineteen languages, in order to adequately inform our target groups throughout the whole of Europe. In the footer, you can use the product search by entering the product code in order to access the desired page quickly and easily - including the technical data sheet and safety data sheet. Using the dealer search button, you can find trade partners throughout the whole of Europe along with all important contact information. For better orientation, an interactive map is displayed showing all of the suggested dealers.

What AkzoNobel Wood Coatings stand for

Under “About us”, you can learn more about the “AkzoNobel” brand and company. A key focus here is on sustainability. Safety and ecological aspects are of the utmost importance to us in research and development. Thus, we take responsibility for future generations and stand for the sustainable use of raw materials.

Find the best products from the three regions easily

Our new dealer product portfolio has been developed through targeted combination of the best products from three regions; Sweden, Germany and Italy. The result is an extensive range of products to accommodate the respective preferences of our various customers in Europe. The detailed navigation menu on the website provides an immediate and comprehensive overview of the eight product and technology areas, such as PU acrylic and PU alkyd, waterborne or acid curing coatings. The clearly structured, detailed view of each product provides all relevant information on the desired product, such as properties, area of application, information on processing, recommended hardeners and thinners, the testing standards it meets etc. At the end, there is a direct link to the AkzoNobel safety data sheet tool and a download link for the technical data sheet.

We look forward to your visit: www.akzonobel-woodcoatings.com

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