CEFLA LIVE Event “Shining a light into the future” showcasing our new AqualitColor finish

A big event will take place at the equipment manufacturer Cefla in Imola, Italy on 18th to 20th of October.

We have been given the opportunity to invite our customers.

Cefla who are the hosts, will provide their guests with:

• Transfer from/to Bologna airport
• Overnight stay and breakfast at a hotel in Imola
• Dinners and aperitifs in the Cefla Live hospitality area

Now at its 9th edition, Cefla Live reopens the doors of the biggest finishing solutions lab on the planet to showcase the technology of tomorrow, bring participants up to speed on market trends and compare notes with partners and industry players.

AkzoNobel will use the opportunity at Cefla to show our new innovative high-tech waterborne product AqualitColor AC-T475 on the Cefla iBotic automatic spraying line.

AqualitColor AC-T475 topcoat is further into the future with market leading stain performance and will be introduced into the European market in Q4. Launch plans are being finalised and stocks are already being built up.

The product provides a significant upgrade from current industry norms. The performance against tough staining agents such as mustard, red wine and coffee are particularly impressive making AC-T475 especially suitable for kitchen cabinets and furniture. The product provides excellent scratch resistance, hardness and good metal marking strength even without a clear varnish. The new high-tech AqualitColor AC-T475 one pack waterborne pigmented topcoat is one step further into the future and surpasses conventional two pack waterborne coatings significantly in many areas.

Please take the opportunity to show potential new customers that we are ahead from the competition with the new waterborne product by using the Cefla event.

Please use the invitation to invite your customers or potential new customers. If a customer wants to come, please use the Cefla Live Registration 2017 ANWC form and send it to the mentioned email address or fax number by 30th of September latest.

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