Waterborne coatings usually contain max. 5% solvent and are therefore the lowest emission coating systems, along with UV coatings. There are 1K coatings and 2K systems, which are crosslinked using a polyurethane hardener. The latter are often equivalent to 2K solvent-based coatings in terms of durability. The solid content is generally higher than that of conventional solvent-based coatings. However, the so-called grain accentuation is not as pronounced with waterborne coatings as with solvent-based coatings.

Waterborne coating systems also provide significant advantages:

  • The devices can simply be cleaned with water during processing.

  • Hardly any odour.

  • No flash point, therefore no EX protection required for spraying devices.

  • Easy storage, no A1 storage required.

  • No special transportation regulations as they are not hazardous goods, only compliance with frost sensitivity requirements.

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